Accessibility (A11Y) support for the DatoCMS UI

Hi everyone, this is a question about existing functionality:

Has the DatoCMS user interface been developed with A11Y in mind? Is it WCAG certified in some way?

We have a potential project with hard requirements for A11Y and we would want to propose DatoCMS as a platform. So any written material about the topic would be nice.

As of now, the user interface does not respect WCAG standards.

My 2 cents: it would take quite an effort to make it accessible, but I’m of course all in favour of choosing that path (which is why I’ve upvoted :slight_smile:)

as @tools-dt_myswitzerland correctly said, we need quite a substantial work to make it really accessible.

For now we are working towards simplify color management, which already will be a step in the direction of increasing readability. This should come by the end of the year. A small step I know, but hopefully one in the good direction.

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