Ability to request HTML Editor data in markdown format

The Multiple-paragraph text field with the HTML editor field type selected is a great option for authoring rich text. For my team, that editor experience is preferable over the Markdown editor field type.

However, when requesting data with the CDA from an HTML editor field, you can only ever get the response back in HTML format. I have a need to get that in markdown format. Currently the Markdown editor field data can be requested from the API in both markdown format and HTML format. It would be great to extend that capability to the HTML editor field.

I know that I can use a package like https://www.npmjs.com/package/turndown on the frontend to convert HTML data from the API into markdown format, but with multiple frontend platforms requesting the same data, it becomes much more cumbersome to do that in many places. It would be much cleaner to just have the option to request the HTML Editor data in markdown format directly from the API. This is all assuming that the markdown format supplied would be clean and usable.