A toolset to add import/export/reset functionality to DatoCMS projects

Hi there,

because I needed it for myself I’ve created a toolset around DatoCMS, to provide missing functionality like:

  • import/export models
  • reset project
  • import/export menu items

It’s still very new (e.g. things like tests are missing [as always]), but I didn’t want to hold it back from you, because I can imagine some people already have a lot of working doing those kind of tasks manually.

You can read about my project on Medium: https://medium.com/baretheme/duplicating-datocms-projects-798b5dcabd15

Here is the link to my project on Github: https://github.com/mmintel/datocms-tools

Let me know if you find it useful :slight_smile:



Hello @marc!

Thank you very much for this!! It’s very nice :slight_smile:

I’ll promote this when people ask for it and we could add it to our guides if that’s fine.

If you are interested we can try exposing a tool we are using for using template projects, like what we do here: https://github.com/datocms/snipcart-gatsby-demo

It would still need some API calls but it can be much faster and save API calls as we are doing a lot of the moving in the backend.

We are interested in going ahead with testing that as it could make projects like yours easier and faster :slight_smile:

Let me know if you are interested and we could do something together!

thanks @mat_jack1!

I see! The way you are doing it, is to pass a read only api key for a template project. That’s also fine but doesn’t solve my issues. I am extracting the data of my template project and put a file into my theme source files. That way I make sure that the data is the right data for the current version of the theme somebody is using.

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I see, that makes sense :slight_smile:

@mat_jack1fyi: my tools can now also handle import and export of records. So it might be useful if somebody wants to backup his data. I’ve seen you describe how to use the API in one of your blog articles, using my exportContent and importContent scripts might be even easier.

Thank you very much @marc for the heads up!

Are you planning to write a post about that somewhere?

Shall I link your existing post here: https://www.datocms.com/docs/guides ?

Thank you!!