A better way to manage links to records that are pages

For the likes of main navigation, footer link, CTA links, basically anywhere we want to allow the editor to pick a page to link to we use the ‘Single link’ field. This does the job however whenever we add or remove a type of page ‘model’ we have to go round the CMS find all the link fields and update them to include or exclude this new model.

It would be ideal if there was maybe a single point of truth where ‘models’ that were pages could be managed so we only had to update this in one place.

Where possible we use a ‘Link’ block that we have created and this acts like a single point of truth, however as we can only use this in ‘Modular content’ fields and you can’t currently nest ‘Modular content’ fields it only gets us so far, if nested ‘Modular content’ fields are in the roadmap already then this would solve things for us.