404 capturing and handling inside DatoCMS


404 errors will always appear. There are ways to track 404 errors via Google Analytics. But why does this has to be managed via Google Analytics.

Before Dato we used Joomla as our CMS. We had a plugin, which captured and listed all URLs that generated a 404 error. In this list would be shown how many times a URL generated a 404 error in total and also when the last error was counted. But you could even go deeper and open up a URL from the list to see all recorded 404 errors for this URL and the date they were generated.
If there was a URL that (in our opinion) generated too many 404 errors, we could easily create an alias (forwarding) for this URL right through the plugin.

Yet I could not find any plugin like this for DatoCMS. But in my opinion, this is a feature that should be implemented in Dato anyway.