Survey model in DatoCMS

I want to create a survey model where as a content administrator I want to easily build surveys from the pre-defined components and edit/remove existing ones. Is DatoCMS provide some any built-in model to do so? Additional I want to link each possible answer to tag eg.:

Survey question: What is your mood today:
a) excellent;
tag: perfect

b) good:
tag: good

c) not bad
tag: average

d) awful;
tag: depression

Is it doable in DatoCMS?

Hello @mw and welcome to community! :slight_smile:

Probably you can take advantage of the modular contents:

In case you have a fixed number of answers you could have a Survey model with a modular content which has a question/answer block in which you can state all the options.

If instead the number of answers is variable, maybe you can use the modular content only for the answers and have one record per question/answer.

Then you can create a Survey model in which you link all the different question/answers.

Does this help?

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Hi @mat_jack1 :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer! that’s exactly what I meant, thanks a lot! :wink:

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