(Social) embed field type

Hey guys,

We’re in need of a field type to let users easily embed tweets, instagram posts, facebook posts, spotify playlists or youtube videos. You can think of many others as well.

I know that you support the latter already but I couldn’t find anything on the others. Most of them involves simply pasting some HTML, sometimes along with an external .js file.
I guess it’s possible to create a Multiple-paragraph text field and set it as HTML editor but that isn’t really user friendly as a user has to click the ‘view sourcecode’ button in the editor toolbar.

I’m thinking of creating a plugin for this - if this indeed is the way to go - but before I do that I wanted to check if I’m overlooking something and this is already possible.

Would love to hear your thoughts!



Disclaimer: I wasn’t sure where to put this so for now posted it in the Feature requests section. Let me know if I should move it.

Update: I’ll take a different approach here and just let the user fill out the URL to the post/tweet/video/playlist and handle logic in the frontend using regexes.

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