Role permissions on menu item folders

Hi all,

Wondering if I’m just missing it but can I set role permissions to hide a Menu item folder (i.e., a menu item that points to Nothing)?


Hi :slight_smile:

sorry but this is not currently possibile. What were you trying to achive with menu items? Maybe we can achive the same result, but in another way!

Thanks @fabrizio.

We have around 40 content editors so was trying to organise some content types together.

E.g., we have a magazine editorial team and we have an event management team.

I first created two menu items as folders without realising I couldn’t assign permissions on them. One for Magazine and one for Events.

I realised after posting I can use a ‘primary’ content type to group some other related ones so in the image above am now using the Event content type as that primary item.

I can probably use a unique content type called Magazine and use it as the root node for that group and apply permissions that way.


That should work :slight_smile: Just remember to set the privileges for nested models too (not only for the root one)