Notification on workflow stage change to listed collaborators

It would be really nice if a workflow stage could list collaborators that need to be notified (via email) when a record enters a certain stage. If there are dozens of models and a lot of collaborators it becomes hard to keep collaborators informed on stage changes.

Furthermore, webhooks don’t have the option to trigger on stage change which would be needed to create this functionality outside Dato. I’m sure this issue could be circumvented but such a webhook would certainly make implementation a lot easier.

Hey @mikko.vanska, if you want to do something right now, you can subscribe to the record update webhook and check if the stage has changed between the old and the new record (we pass them both, so you can check) and then you can send emails to whoever you need to.

We can consider adding a webhook specifically for stage changes, but still you are going to take care of the mailing, we don’t do mailing for now and we don’t plan to do that anytime soon. I know it’s annoying, but at least you can make your choices informed.

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