New pricing for agencies and companies building multiple sites with DatoCMS


We’ve just launched a new pricing that hopefully will work better for agencies and companies building multiple sites.

The full story is in our blog post here:

We tried to find a way to take in your feedbacks about the previous pricing change, so in this way we are providing an automatic volume discount while also removing some of the limits.

Another thing that we hope is going to be useful is that we have now added shared limits across projects (while also lifting them up on the Scale plan). This means that if you have a project doing a lot of traffic and another one a lot less, things will balance out and you’ll better use your plan.

Lastly we have added automatic upgrades and downgrades for things like collaborators and number of records. So now if you add a collaborator that goes over the quota, you’ll be charged and notified via email. Same when you remove it. You’ll pay only for what you’ve used and credited back the unused credit.

Hopefully these changes will make things easier to manage, while also clarifying the spending.

If you have any feedback please let us know!