Network error in fetching graphql data

Hello guys, I am facing an issue while starting the project of gatsby integrated with datacms, When I start project it throws error on fetching data using my organization’s network, but works perfectly when I use my own personal mobile internet, Can you guys help me out in this. My organization’s ISP is GTPL,

hey @prathmesh unfortunately if it’s working with your mobile connection while not working with your organization’s ISP, it means that’s your organization that is blocking calls to our network.

I think that you should reach out your system administrators and check with them first.

@mat_jack1 my ISP is asking for error stack, but due to GraphQL I’m receiving error as response, so I’m not able catch error, and I print the response it doesn’t include data and error stack.
Any idea how can I get error stack for this issue?

Hello @prathmesh

What response are you receiving specifically?

also the requests are client specific, so depends on what are you using to perform the GraphQL calls