Image asset trouble: monochrome images of author


I am customizing for the “Next.js i18n blog” repository.

While I uploaded the colored images and changes several times, the color of the images changed into monochrome like the below picture[1].

Would you please provide me with the root cause or any tips to solve this issue ?
I just want to show the author image in color, not in sepia.

This problem occurs only for author component.

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Hello @JJ

On line 41, of the index.js file, we can see that when we query the author image, we are passing a parameter to change saturation to -100:

If you remove that parameter, you will get the saturation of your author profile pictures on the post preview

Also, on file [slug].js line 72, you can see the same saturation parameter on the query:

And you can remove that one as well to change the saturation of the author profile picture inside the post itself

Let me know if that was what you were looking for!

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Oh, I could get back the color of the image by following your advise.
Thank you,