Gatsby Cloud Log flooded with verbose logs from source plugin

I ran into an issue with the new version of the gatsby source plugin (v5.0.0). I was deploying my project to Gatsby Cloud and saw that the build logs where flooded by this verbose message: found this active locale from context:
Is there a way to disable these verbose messages? I need to investigate a build error which I cannot find in the logs due to this massive amount of these messages.

It’s verbose because it’s meant to be show with Gatsby in verbose mode :smiley:

I’m not sure why Gatsby Cloud runs the build in verbose mode :confused:

Yeah, it seems to be that Gatsby Cloud Builds run in verbose mode even without enabling it. When I run a locale build in verbose mode I get the same behaviour.

But is it really supposed to log this message so often (even if it’s verbose)? This message is logged multiple times a second and it feels like 90% of the logs are only those messages. And after a certain amount of time the build process just timed out. :confused:
This behaviour could be a hint to another issue either with the plugin or my implementation.