File upload doesn't go through

hey guys!
We using the datocms/cma-client-node’s createFromUrl function to upload a pdf file but it gets stuck on UPLOADING_FILE phase
The implementation was pretty straight forward, we have an endpoint that generates pdf and it’s url is being passed as parameter. We also tried a different file from a different url(a random image, so this can be recreated with ease), but the problem persisted.
We would appreciate any help.
Here’s the bit of code:

return client.uploads.createFromUrl({
    url: 'baseUrl/api/handlePdf/70109802',
    filename: 'test.pdf',
    onProgress: handleProgress,

Here’s a screenshot of the progress:

hello @sendmail sorry for the delay here, did you manage to solve the issue in the end?

hey @mat_jack1, thanks for the reply.
unfortunately no, the problem still persists on our end.

Hey @sendmail, I’m not sure what you are doing around that part of the code, but you might need to await the createFromUrl, like so:

I have just tried and it works for me.

If that is not the problem, can you please share me a full script that doesn’t work for you?

Also, which version of Node are you using? I’m on 18.2.0.