Export image url instead of upload_id in GET

I am using GET https://site-api.datocms.com/items/?nested=true&filter[type]=article HTTP/1.1 with Insomnia to export all articles. In the response I get the upload_id for the uploaded image. Is it possible to get the url of the image instead directly?

The article content field also contains markdown code, can I get the response in html instead? Are there any options to change that?

Hello @christian2 and welcome to the community!

The only way to request an image already with the URL, is through the GraphQL API, as you can see right here: Content Delivery API - Images and videos - DatoCMS Docs
This also allows you to append parameters and modifications to your image directly through the URL :slight_smile:

The same goes for the Markdown fields: when you are using the GraphQL API to request your records, you can add the markdown: true argument to the query, that will automatically respond with the markdown text converted to HTML:

You can experiment and build GraphQL queries through the “API Explorer” tab on your dashboard.

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