Creating a schedule table to be displayed across the site

Hi, I have a Gatsby app integrated with Dato.

I’ve been building out some content and blocks. I want to build a schedule (html table) That can be filled in once and then re-used across the site. Inserted into blocks onto multiple different pages but always with the same content .

I’m thinking a ‘model’ over a ‘block’ is best for this? A reusable object that if the instance it’s been used in is deleted it still remains intact.

So my next question is how would I set this up. I want to create something like.

<table class="custom-table">
<td>Tue - Fri: </td>
<td>10:00 – 19:00</td>
<td>Sat: </td>
<td>10:00 – 16:00</td>
<td>Sun - Mon: </td>

Fill it in once, then have it so I can insert it into Structured text areas. Is this possible?


Hello @c.skinner1 and welcome to the community!

Have you taken a look at this plugin: Table Editor - Plugins - DatoCMS

As it seems like a great fit for your use-case. Although it does not output an HTML table, but a JSON.

If you want a raw HTML table you can create a multi-paragraph field with presentation set as HTML editor:

Then you can create an html table by clicking this: