Can't set correct data for multiple assets field using plugin SDK

Hi there,

we have plugin which copy assets from one record to another. It used to work months ago. Now when it copy assets to the new record, they properly show up, but when one try to save the record there’s error message “Format not valid”.

We set the value using plugin.setFieldValue as array of objects with properties upload_id, alt, title, & customData.

We cannot find an example of setting multiple assets field. Is there something we missed?


Hi @dev3

I cannot remember a recent change in the gallery field format :thinking:, so this is really strange. Can we take a look at the plugin? Is the source code public?

Plus, on which project is it happening? Please, remember that if you are on a paid plan you are qualified for higher support priority if you use the form.

Send us the project name and the plugin source code (if it’s possibile) via the support form :slight_smile: