Bug: renderFieldExtension doesn't always run on custom plugins

Recently (around November 2022) custom field extensions are no longer applying to fields.

Following the guide of npx create-react-app@latest my-first-plugin --template datocms-plugin --use-npm and adding a simple plugin to change the UI of a JSON field inconsistently works.

The simplest way to reproduce is to refresh the page when making a new record but the code and full steps can be seen in the repo GitHub - matty-southpawstudio/dato-field-ext

example of the field working

example of the field when renderFieldExtension has failed to run on a refresh of new item page

Hello @matty and welcome to the community!

Thank you so much for the very detailed report!!
I was able to reproduce the issue exactly as described, i’ll get back to you as soon as the issue is solved :slight_smile:

Hello once again @matty,

We just shipped a fix for this issue!
Now the renderFieldExtension is always executed as expected.
Thank you once again for your feedback :slight_smile:


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